"Let's take this hug horizontal!"

What is it?

As Seen on Basic Cable Programming Horizontal Hugging is the safe and healthy alternative to cuddling while also serving as an upgrade to conventional, vertical hugging.  

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What makes horizontal hugging different from cuddling?
So many things!
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Billy Winthrop
Lucas, KS
Joined: 10/19/2012

Subject:  It's just hugging, right?

"There's this girl that I REALLY enjoy hugging.  Only, I had wished the hugs would last longer!  However, asking her to cuddle seemed inappropriate.  Thanks to the concept of horizontal hugging, I can prolongue those meaningful hugs without things being weird!  Thanks Horizontal Hugging!"

Becky Schwartz
Denver, CO
Joined: 08/03/2012

Subject:  It's not excessive PDA, TSA!

"After discovering horizontal hugging, vertical hugs became meaningless.  Now, when I say bye to my boyfriend at the airport, we do so while embracing each other on the ground.  When security asks us to refrain from 'excessive PDA,' we tell them we are merely 'horizontally hugging'—which incidentally falls under 'hugging' and hugging is exempt from 'excessive PDA' under TSA article 146-1204B  =)" 

Janeka Pennington
Reston, VA
Joined: 03/01/2013

Subject:  Mmmm Hmmm

"This right here...  This my everything.  I got a real bad back and ain't got no time for affection on my feet!"

Ray Hertz
Portland, OR
Joined: 05/18/2012

Subject:  Sincere Hugs

"When you're hugging someone horizontally, there's none of that annoying 'patting on the back.'  Nobody is trying to get out of the hug in a hurry—you can't—You're horizontal!"

Hear it from the professionals!

From Dr. Rebecca Wellington:

"Before we launched horizontalhugging.com, we researched for 4.5 years the benefits of hugging horizontally vs. vertically.  We were astounded in what we found!  Now we want to share it with you and the world horizontally!"  

From Dirk Darrell Derrickson:

"For years, I've been involved in a sport in which we argue and consequently fight over the proper way to hug one another horizontally.  Now, thanks to horizontalhugging.com, we can be trained in the proper methods of horizontal hugging and avoid all that blood and those knees to the head!"

From our CEO Gary Littleton:

"Before joining the team at horizontalhugging.com I was COO of verticalcuddling.com.  That turned out to be some crazy pyramid scheme and later became an adult entertainment business.  To be completely clear—I played no part in that and had no idea what was going on behind the scenes.  This site is not that as far as I know."